Marine products from American Refining Group.

American Refining Group (ARG) opened a line of zinc-free specialty lubricants in 2019, also known as our marine products. ARG refines, formulates and blends lubricants and specialty products used in more than 8,000 Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) and other high-speed engines. Now, we refine marine lubrication and the way our marine clients can utilize this specialty line.

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Our marine products.

Last year, we announced our expansion to the marine industry with our already-tried-and-trusted products. We unveiled the ARGuard product line and shared more exciting news. ARG’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-approved lubricants have provided more than 30 years of reliable performance to our railroad customers throughout the United States. As the largest supplier of zinc-free oil east of the Mississippi River, we’re thrilled to refine solutions for the marine market.

Teaming up with veteran-owned Sea Ready Marine Petroleum.

Our partnership with Sea Ready Marine Petroleum enables us to better serve marine customers. By combining our expertise in oil and lubricants with Sea Ready’s logistical advantages we can meet the needs of marine customers in a way no other supplier can. Distributing our high-quality products via Sea Ready’s marine-based logistics delivers the best of manufacturers, distributors and traders to truly refine solutions for the marine industry.

This partnership provides zinc-free engine oil to ports on the Eastern Seaboard, the Great Lakes, the Gulf Coast and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Reach out to see what we can do for you.

We’re excited to share all the ways American Refining Group’s line of marine products can get to work for you. We’re also excited to learn more about you. Understanding your business and its unique challenges will help us implement custom solutions using our:

  • Secure supply
  • Capacity to grow
  • Flexibility to exceed customer expectations
  • Acute customer focus founded on innovation and quick response
  • Fast turnaround times for special orders
  • Accommodating supply in many package sizes
  • Ability to blend tailored formulations

Why American Refining Group?

We are lubricant experts with all the benefits of a major oil company and decades of proven, reliable performance and OEM relationships. We’re located in Bradford, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of America’s oil industry, and we work with businesses around the world, providing quality solutions our customers demand.

American Refining Group strives to be the trusted partner of choice for all its business relationships
We’re the first oil refinery to earn the “Made in USA Certified®” seal for products ranging from lubricants to resins
Group I oils offer increased emulsifiability and extreme pressure protection, ideal for the marine industry

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